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Summer Program- Monflanquin

Our next summer immersion program will start on May 29th, 2022 and run for 3 months. The program is opened to anybody who already has more than an elementary level of French (A1 level validated).

The intensive program is divided into 6 periods of 2 weeks each and your date of incorporation will depend on your level. 


You can join the program for a minimum of 2 weeks, but we recommend that you stay longer to get the most of your immersive experience.


Intensive French Classes
  • 15 hours of class per week       (in the morning)

  • An individual session with your teacher every 2nd week

  • Test of level before arrival

  • Keep in mind that a longer

  • A certificate of 

Homestay with a local family
  • You will learn about French

  • and local culture through daily

  • worshops and activities with

  • the locals. They will invite you

  • to share their daily life if you 

Cultural Workshops
  • During your stay, you will get

  • to know many of the locals

  • who will open the doors to

  • their daily life and welcome

  • you in their village. Be 

  • This experience will be a

  • unique opportunity to live like

  • a local and be involved with

  • the many social activities

  • organized in the village

  • (concerts, exhibitions, sports,

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Appartment, hotel accommodation and host families should be booked directly by the participants. Please get in touch and we will give you the different options available.



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